Sunday, December 6, 2015

Creative Feedback

I'm excited to put out the news that I am releasing my book out to a group of creative authors for some awesome feedback!  These extremely charitable people will not only be giving grammar feedback but also be analyzing depth, holes, plot and potential critical changes!  This makes me a little nervous but at the same time I'm glad that the time has finally come.  Going to take aim and shoot for the stars.

In other news I am finishing up my fourth book that I have been working on for the past little while!  I've also almost finished a basic video tease to help satitate those more visually inclined audiences.  There's a lot coming and I hope that this can really turn into something with some hard work and creativity.  Again, have questions?  Ask them!  Have suggestions?  Give them!  This ia about community and this book, John Awakening, will be nothing without you.  

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