Saturday, November 28, 2015

Drawing Inspiration!

For me when I come up with a story it first needs to take shape in my mind's eye.  This generic phrase truly rings true when trying to engage in drawing inspiration.  Inspiration can strike at any given moment at any given time.  Just last week I was in the middle of nowhere, literally, and found myself completely taken back in awe by the rich history and tantilizing tid bits that unfolded in the area's history.  Characters can develop, plots naturally flow, and remarkable outlines are drawn. As such; seeing, sometimes, is truly believing.  

 When I began writing John Awakening, I dug deep to draw out what an alien world's jungle might look like.  Something, untouched, pure, and lush with adventuring prospects.  As it ends up I was fortunate to be in one of the world's most beautiful jungles that had survived the tests of time in real life not too long ago.  Just being there helped refine what my imagination had intially created.  My hopes with this first installment of the three part series, is to really sweep the reader's imagination into this alien jungle.  I wanted it to be mysterious, yet completely inviting into the compelling story that was unfolding.  As I keep moving forward I look forward to releasing even more information and eventually pieces of the book itself. 

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