Saturday, November 28, 2015

Starting a Journey

Launching the site along with the social networks was a difficult thing to do at first.  Putting your work out to the masses and letting them dissect it and then give it back piece by piece can be intimidating.  It was also a challenge to fully engage myself with the idea of letting my inner nerd self out of its cage.  But the story must go on...

As such I am excited to start providing some teaser sections of my first book that I am campaigning to be professionally edited.  The idea is that I can attain some sincerely valuable feedback from people who genuinely are willing to give it in preparation to get it pro-edited then PUBLISHED!  We all know how constructive feedback is the bread of life in anything that truly wishes to be fully creative... So feeding the right attitude is critical, sorry trolls.

                                                              Y U NO RITE GOOD!

But you've got to take chances and that's what I'm going to do.  Another difficult idea was which book to launch with as I've now completed various.  Keeping it timely, in every sense of the word, I decided to go with John Awakening.  Spawned from a recurring dream that then turned into day dreaming that then turned into an awesome story that captivated my imagination for some time.  I spent more time in the early days thinking about it than writing, feeling afraid of taking the commitment.  But once I was convinced that it just needed to flow out one way or another, it became a passion.  As I've been writing now for a couple years I have seen some drastic improvements in both style and approach.  But I feel confident that putting out my first work will be yet another awesome learning experience as I continute to release new content and new books!  

I hope that with it I can create a sense of community and involvment that will give anyone willing to help the opportunity to contribute and feel proud of it.  I thank all of those willing in advance and look forward to working with you.  I truly feel that with time my passion for story will continue to grow and hope sincerely that my stories can reach out to someone even if it ends up being just one person.  

With that said let's start the HYPE!  I can't get anywhere without the awesome fans and people that have helped get me this far!  

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